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The Who, What and Why of Merrin & Cranston

Leaders of successful projects never lose sight of people.  While all projects require the complex task of balancing time, cost and quality, the needs and expectations of the people for whom the buildings serve must be overlain with these objectives.  At completion, you then have a richly dynamic creation that has a diverse array of design outcomes to ultimately, serve people.  Merrin and Cranston – People Centred Architects

Introduction To Merrin And Cranston Architects

People Centred Architects

As professional service providers, we embrace the needs of the various individuals and what that brings to the project delivery process.  At times, it can be difficult to aim high and set goals of meeting these diverse needs, in amongst, sometimes complex project delivery processes, but that is where we want to be for optimum influence.


Why We're Different

The difference with Merrin and Cranston is that we do value relationships and believe this produces better project outcomes. Our experience has shown that when we focus on valuing people, all people, during the process, it actually makes the trials and tribulations of project delivery worthwhile and significant for all.



It’s our commitment to people for whom we are ultimately delivering for, and the people with whom we are partnered with to make it happen, that keeps us going, ultimately towards project success. And for us, project success isn’t just about the short term, it’s about the long-term use, efficient operation and quality build that lasts over time.

People Centred Design

People Centred Design

By applying our design and management skills to the integration of each project’s complex criteria, we can influence the betterment of living environs, and improve people’s lives as they live, work and play in the spaces we have helped design and create.

Retirement Living - Our Skills & Expertise

Our skillset is in the provision of living environments for older Australians. From retirement communities, apartments, co-location, residential, integrated, assisted, memory support, Day respite, transition care, allied health and all manner of support services to enable day to day care, no matter what the need or the delivery process. Our expertise lies in 49 years of the provision of service to this ever-changing market sector, for a large and varied group of stakeholders.





Managing Director

George Bellas Director

George Bellas - Managing Director

  • Years at M & C - 16
  • Years as Director  - 11
  • Bachelor of Architecture with Honours, Queensland University of Technology, 1998
  • Advanced Diploma of Project Management, SBIT 2012
  • Registered Architect QLD No. 4121, NSW No. 10791; AIA
Azure Blue Retirement Living

Azure Blue Redcliffe
96 bed residential aged care
122 ILUs, 5 storey $65M

Delivering Quality Projects

Whether your needs require Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning, related administrative services or a blend of any, our history of successfully delivering a range of quality projects, strategically places us in a unique position to help you.

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