Masterplanning Goals, Budgets & Outcomes

  • We often set goals, budgets and personal outcomes for ourselves, either as individuals or together as a family unit. In order to do this, we need to understand the parameters that help shape this…How much money do we have coming in? How much can we spend on holidays? How big does our home need to be?  

  • As our lives are never static, we need to review our outcomes. Some may not change, but others may need to be re-evaluated depending on your current circumstances.

  • So, whether we realise it or not, in our personal lives we are constantly planning, evaluating, setting goals to suit the changing course of our lives, and when necessary adjusting the direction in which we are headed. And so, it is with master planning…it considers the big picture, considers the options, evaluates the outcomes, sets the course, and lays out a game plan of what could be, what can be, what will be…and provides a way for moving forward and making decisions which are congruous.

Master Planning Strategy

Aged Care & Retirement Living Master Planning

Master planning, at its essence, is about understanding what your people need, desire and even want to see happen both now and in the future.  We have been able to help many individuals across numerous organisations interpret these needs into a form that allows them to be readily shared with others.

Master Planning Interpretation And Understanding

Interpretation & Understanding

Sometimes, this interpretation determines whether your outcomes can be met at this particular time, on this piece of land.  Other times this process results in an action plan for completion in the future.

We shouldn’t be scared to understand that at some time in the future, this work may need to be reviewed and even changed, since our lives and organisational needs often adapt.

Often legislation or market drivers that may have helped shape an earlier expression, change along the way also.  And so, with master planning, it provides an essential reference point.  Otherwise it’s all too often problematic to understand where you’re going, because you can’t understand where you started from.