Merrin & Cranston Architects Announcement – Dwayne Nielsen Departure

Merrin & Cranston Architects Announcement – Dwayne Nielsen Departure

You may or may not be aware that our longest serving director and employee Dwayne Nielsen has had some health challenges over a number of years…and the time has arrived where he has called it a day, hanging up the boots, retiring to the M&C hall of fame.  Those of you who know him well will know he wanted to say it in his own words, so here’s Dwayne’s parting message:


Well, this is my last hurrah, to our clients, colleagues and those that I have met along the way. I have valued and appreciated many friendships over the years, but I also know a number of you are going to ask who is this guy?

 M+C during a fatal lapse of judgement some 34+ years ago, put me on the payroll, and they have never been able to get me to leave.  But in an industry that moves much, much faster than old blokes like me, and with some underlying health issues, the question was becoming “when”, not “if”.

 Some of you may know that 2020 is Merrin and Cranston’s 50th birthday and it would have been great to make a couple of formal announcements, which was our intention.

 Spoiler alert: (this may save you some time at the 50th Party)…

 1: Merrin and Cranston turns 50 in 2020.

2: Dwayne was going to step out of the way and let the rest of the current team to continue on.

3: George Bellas, would be the new Managing Director and Sole owner.

 The only real change to these announcements is the time line on George’s new role, which is simply a title change, considering he has been a Director now for over 10 years. This jumped the queue, so to speak, as some of my underlying health hasn’t given us the time to progress as originally planned. You will notice that our formal documentation is switching across to George. He is now the nominatedArchitect and fulfills all the titles that registration boards and ASIC need a name against.

 Most of you have been dealing with George and the rest of the team anyway – Steve, Marty, Dylan (our associates) and Louise our office manager. This core team has been together with M+C for a long time so you’re in safe hands.

 George has a real heart for the work we do and he cares for your people as much as he does for ours.  Couple that care to a sharp ability to think strategically, broad and intricate cost understanding and implications, and then managing those processes through a project, and you get some really good outcomes.

 As for me, I have truly valued the many and varied relationships, projects and your support of Merrin and Cranston. I know though, that there is a long list of contractors that are going to be gutted that they missed an opportunity to drop a load of concrete my way.



We wish Dwayne all the best in his health recovery and future endeavours and would like to thank him for his many years of faithful service and hard work. He will be missed, in particular his cheekiness and pranks!

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