Virtual Dementia Tour

Enhancing quality of lifeVirtual Dementia Tour

The entire Merrin and Cranston Architects family had a reality check just recently.

We engaged with the “Virtual Dementia Tour” as presented by The Churches of Christ in Queensland. This process attempts to give each individual the ability to experience life for a very short time, just as someone who lives with this debilitating condition does every day.

With our senses wildly over stimulated and heavily impaired, we were tasked with simple daily activities, all of which had become virtually impossible, and utterly confusing.

While this was quite confronting, for most of us, we knew it would be over shortly, but there was the reality check.

Many people who engage with our buildings either live this as daily life or are family or carers who have to support these individuals.

A renewed focus and greater understanding

For some of the wider Merrin and Cranston family, this is already a reality, but the “Virtual Dementia Tour” brought a renewed focus and a reminder of the little things that can matter. For the others, the tour has been a stepping off point for further design inputs and a greater understanding, no matter what the skill base.

So, if we were to some up what we learned…..

Take the “Virtual Dementia Tour”

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Penny Bellas

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