Our People


Our People - A Quick Overview

We are a family owned, medium sized architectural practice, located in the leafy eastern suburbs of Brisbane. Our team is led by, owner and registered architect, George, with a driven desire to make a difference in people’s lives. With support from associates Steve, Martin and Dylan, and office manager Louise, the M&C team at its’ core have many years of experience in facilitating successful project outcomes.

Work Environment

Merrin and Cranston has always been very particular in the employment of staff, focussing on attitude, character and personality fit, as opposed to simply skills and abilities.

To foster healthy working relationships, all staff gather daily for morning tea to chat about life’s happenings, what’s in the news, and to reflect on just how many State of Origin series the Queenslanders have won!

Phones are typically forbidden, birthday cake is mandatory, and the weekly surprise of either healthy options or something less so (hot donuts perhaps) helps to get all through the week.

Our People

Words that best describe what we value in our people, include commitment, trust, loyalty and integrity to name a few – character traits that we both encourage and hold in high regard – we expect you do too.

Easy Access To Us

We have deliberately sought out our office location in Seven Hills to provide for a working environment within a suburban context. Our office space was intentionally designed to encourage a holistic team atmosphere.

We highly value being together as one, close knit and long-term team. From our collaborative office base in Brisbane, we readily service projects across the Eastern States.


In valuing our people, we maintain a flexible employment proposition, with staff utilising our flex-time arrangement as needed.

Flexibility is encouraged, with various staff working less than the standard five-day week, to support their family or personal circumstance, and in some cases to complete their architectural or other studies.

Meet The M&C Team

We trust you get to know us and we hope to be partnering with you soon, as we seek to understand how we can be of assistance to you, with your particular project.

Don And Les Founders


Les and Don

These guys started it all, the original Merrin and Cranston (respectively). Long term businesses are usually founded on the commitment and drive of a couple of individuals that had a passion and a clear direction. For us, that is these guys, way back in 1970, when they joined forces to tackle a not-for-profit aged care project. Who would have known back then, that we’d be still following in their footsteps and upholding their reputation?

Quick Stats
Retired Architects.

George Bellas Director


George Bellas

George enjoys the outdoors and camping but is mad about fishing. He’s fished his entire life with his family and mates. Turn up to his place and you’ll see he’s got an addiction - got it from his Dad and now he’s passing on that legacy to his two daughters and three sons, with an obliging wife trying to keep up. As part of George’s fishing obsession, he also gets a lot of satisfaction from constructing new fishing rods or repairing old and damaged ones, especially when he can see the product of his labours catch fish and bring smiles on the faces of others.

Quick Stats
Registered Architect in QLD; Advanced Diploma of Project Management.
Joined M&C 2003



Steve Hopper

Steve really enjoys getting out and exploring places that aren’t always on the map.  With his family, now old enough to enjoy the roads less travelled, you might find them all on a track in the scrub or chilling out on the beach, pondering their next sojourn.  After all, getting there is half the fun.

Quick Stats

Bachelor or Architecture with Honours, Queensland University of Technology, 1995

Registered Architect QLD No. 3379, AIA

Joined M&C 1998



Martin Hernandez

Martin loves outdoor activities, but if it includes his family, he’s even happier.  Fishing, camping, 4-wheel driving are all excuses to spend quality time together.  Since you can’t spend all your time outdoors, a movie at home with his wife and 3 children is a good alternative.  In travelling overseas, he has found another way to spend time with the family – balancing his flex time then becomes the challenge!

Quick Stats

Bachelor of Architecture, Queensland University of Technology, 2004

Registered Architect QLD No. 4636, AIA

Joined M&C 1997



Dylan Crowther

One of Dylan’s passions is skiing, although he doesn’t get to ski as often as he’d like.  He likes the odd triathlon and also cycling; he’s more than ready to talk about what to ride, where to ride it and what to wear while doing it.  If Dylan can’t ride, he is just as happy outdoors or playing music on his guitar.  He is our resident expert on all things sporting and is also our in-house Wikipedia, so if you’ve missed a game or need some stats, then he is your man…

Quick Stats

Master of Architecture, University of Queensland, 2008.

Registered Architect QLD No. 4624, AIA

Joined M&C 2011



Louise Macquet

As our resident Brit, it should be no surprise to us that Louise’s family live and breathe all things soccer.  When Louise isn’t at the “football” pitch with hubby and her two boys, you will find them exploring on bikes, scooters and Kayaks.  Her ideal Sunday would be to curl up with a book, but with her energetic household, there is little chance.

Quick Stats

Degree in International Relations with German Language

Joined M&C 2014

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