Your People


Your People And Our Journey Together

We understand that in order to successfully deliver projects, not only do you need to engage with a good consultant team, but you also have to tap into the collective knowledge of your own good people. The key is to ensure these people are invited along to - and integrated into - the project journey.


Board / Senior Management

Having been involved with lead teams over many projects and over many years, we know how important it is to have the right information at the right time – the key is strategic input from the decision makers. Taking all crucial people on the journey, with their various skills, time and abilities, can be challenging! Our understanding of these processes across many diverse organisations, in the role as both consultant and at times as members of those lead teams, provides you with assurance that the M&C team can and will deliver.


Project Delivery Teams

Whether employed directly or contracted for a task, project delivery teams are often the meat in the sandwich. Having to be the interface for Management, End Users, Staff, Consultants and Legislative bodies, often provides competing priorities. Good teams though, are made up of great communicators that understand the idiosyncrasies of all the people involved. We seek to empower these people with timely advice, information and support.



A broad spread of tasks and skills allow these people to carry the outworking of an organisational mission. From Care Directors to the bloke that puts out the trash, all have to work together harmoniously to provide optimum outcomes.


End Users

End Users is such an impersonal term, when in reality this group is comprised of everyday people. Lots of people. A diverse range of people – young, old, family, staff, visitors and even service providers - that might only occasionally have the need to interface with people in your organisation. This is why we believe that understanding the unique need of individuals is so important.